List of services provided by Asadona

List of services provided by Asadona

Vietnamese business procedures

  1. Providing service package for business establishment (business registration and tax registration for the first time)
  2. Changing business name (including changing the seal)
  3. Changing the address of Head Office (the same Tax department)
  4. Changing the address of the registered office (different Tax department, also changing the seal)
  5. Raising charter capital
  6. Reducing charter capital
  7. Adding branches, changing business lines
  8. Changing legal representative
  9. Changing members of limited liability company, shareholders of joint stock company.
  10. Enterprise transfer
  11. Conversion of one-member limited liability company, company with over two members (with name and seal unchanged)
  12. Converting the type of one-member limited liability – limited liability – joint stock company (with the seal changed)
  13. Updating the information about change of tax registration (for example: registering for a bank account)
  14. Foreign individuals or organizations that register to buy capital contributions from Vietnamese companies
  15. Establishment of branches, representative offices, business locations (excluding the seal)

Household business

  1. New establishment of household business.
  2. Changing information of household business: additional changes in business lines, change of business address, …

License conditions

  1. Education license for language centers.
  2. Education license for life skills training centers.
  3. license for eligibility for chemical business
  4. License for eligibility for chemical production and trading in the conditional list
  5. Proposing prevention measures for chemical incident
  6. Plans to protect the environment
  7. Environmental impact assessment
  8. License for eligibility for gas business (for gas businesses)
  9. License for eligibility to operate the printing industry
  10. Certificate of eligibility for fire protection
  11. Measures for fire protection
  12. Certificate of eligibility for security (for security company, guest house, hotel, pawnshop, karaoke bar.
  13. Certificate of eligibility for food safety and hygiene (for restaurant, coffee shop, industrial ration company, food production and trading, farm, company offering fresh food)
  14. Barcode registration (one business code, one group of products)
  15. Trademark registration (a nibis industry code, a six-product group)

Foreign business procedures

  1. Planning an investment project in the manufacturing sector in the industrial park
  2. Setting up an investment project in the commercial sector
  3. Adding goals of investment project
  4. Raising investment capital
  5. Raising charter capital (capital contribution)
  6. Adding the project site on the investment certificate
  7. Changing investor’s information: the representative, address….of the investor
  8. Extending project implementation schedule
  9. Transferring projects
  10. Changing investment certificate in case of division, separation, merger, consolidation, and conversion of business type
  11. Including factory in the certificate of land use rights

Office administration services

  1. Shared office for rent (one seat, reception, office utilities)
  2. Business address for rent (space for signboard and reception)
  3. Managing accounting books, submitting tax reports on time
  4. Registering for social insurance
  5. Reviewing accounting books, handling inspection and tax settlement cases
  6. Designing logo, the brand identity, printing and preparing business documents

Target customers

  • Businesses about to set up:
  • Naming, choosing industry, contract of cooperation
  • Composing, submitting, and receiving business registration documents
  • Registering for tax, account, invoice, digital signature
  • Small scale businesses:
  • Legal department: compiling contract documents
  • Accounting department: submitting tax reports on time
  • Administrative department: managing documents and office, handling cases
  • Extended businesses:
  • Certificate of education, chemical trading, security, fire protection, food safety and hygiene, environment…
  • Adding business type, raising capital, changing address, setting up new branches
  • Business transformation:
  • Converting business type, setting subsidiary, opening share issue
  • Purchasing and selling capital contribution, transferring company
  • Setting up subsidiary, associated company

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